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The Development of Practical Training for Preschool Education Major in Higher Vocational Colleges Guided by Vocational Ability Training

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.230


Manling Xu

Corresponding Author

Manling Xu


Preschool education major in higher vocational education is a major aiming at cultivating "high-quality preschool education professionals". It can be seen that vocational demand is the basic condition for the formation of vocational ability of students in higher vocational education. With the progress and development of the times, the society needs not only engineering and technical personnel, but also compound high skilled personnel. The educational concept is not a specific ability, but an ideological content, which can be reflected in the quality and educational behavior of educators. Attention should be paid to the cultivation of students' professional ability so as to adapt to the requirements of professional posts as soon as possible, which has become a new field explored by the majority of kindergarten teachers. Strengthen practical training, scientifically arrange students' practical class hours and increase practical teaching time; Constructing the teaching goal with the cultivation of professional ability as the core. Strengthen teaching and practical training, set up courses scientifically and flexibly, and support the formation and development of professional ability; Strengthen vocational ability training, reform education and teaching methods to create distinctive vocational education characteristics.


Vocational Ability, Higher Vocational Education, Preschool Education, Practice