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Discussion on Class Management Mode in Higher Vocational Colleges —— Introducing Enterprise Management Mode into Class Management in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.229


Ma Xiaoying

Corresponding Author

Ma Xiaoying


The class management in higher vocational colleges is mainly to select excellent students and establish a class committee through democratic election and strict examination. Vocational education is a type of education closely linked with market economy and industrial enterprises. The learning unit of higher vocational students is class, and class management will have a greater impact on students. The management of classes in higher vocational colleges must be improved, and corporate culture management should be introduced into class management so that students can adapt to the management mode in the enterprise as soon as possible. Under the enterprise management mode of higher vocational classes, students can realize the importance of professional ability and cultivate good professional consciousness in the process of learning and living. This paper expounds the background, structure, effect and reflection of the introduction of company management. Aiming at the characteristics of college students in the new era, it attempts to introduce the enterprise management mode into the class management of higher vocational education, and explore a new mode for the class management of University.


Higher Vocational Colleges, Class Management, Enterprise