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"NFCS" Teaching Mode Based on Application Practice Ability Training——Taking the Course of "Securities and Investment" as an example

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.223


Xianke Li

Corresponding Author

Xianke Li


At present, the problem of attaching importance to theory and ignoring the cultivation of students' practical ability is common in the teaching of Chinese universities. Therefore, the reform of the "NFCS" teaching mode that highlights the cultivation of practical ability is of great significance. The "NFCS" teaching mode includes news The four links of seminar, flip classroom, collaborative learning, and simulated investment are the embodiment of constructivist learning theory. This study takes the teaching of the "Securities and Investment" course as a case, and elaborates the implementation ideas of the "NFCS" teaching model in detail, and This teaching mode evaluates the effects of questionnaire surveys. It is believed that the use of this teaching mode in many courses in finance majors can significantly integrate theory and practice and improve students' practical application ability.


Practical Ability, Securities Investment, Curriculum Teaching Mode, "Nfcs" Teaching Mode