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A Study on the Basic Course Assessment Method of Computer Software Technology for Combining Practical Ability Assessment

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.218


Shujun Zhao

Corresponding Author

Shujun Zhao


Computer software technology teaching has a strong practicality, only to examine the students'theoretical knowledge mastery cannot comprehensively examine the students'professional core competence, cannot reflect the advantages and disadvantages of students in professional learning. Teachers integrate the practical ability assessment in the process of the basic course assessment of computer software technology, enrich the professional assessment system and strengthen the practicality of the assessment, so as to comprehensively investigate the students'independent practical ability and problem-solving ability, and embody the effective value of the professional course assessment. This paper briefly analyzes the existing problems in the assessment system of the basic course of computer software technology, and probes into the assessment path of the basic course of computer software technology which integrates the practical ability assessment.


Integration of Practical Ability Assessment, Computer Software Technology, Basic Courses, Assessment Methods