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Study on the Teaching Program of Chinese Excellent Raditional Culture Education

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.217


Qian Zhao, Kefei Wang

Corresponding Author

Qian Zhao


Culture is the spiritual symbol of a nation. Over the past five thousand years, the Chinese nation has spread a long history of civilization, precipitated a broad and profound Chinese traditional culture, and played an important role in the progress of human civilization. Chinese excellent traditional culture has extremely high aesthetic value, educational value, the artistic conception of the content of ancient poetry is beautiful, the traditional virtue admonishes to stand up to be a man, the thought enlightenment of famous people's historical deeds, all have played the vital educational significance to the Chinese people's growth, needs us to carry forward and inherit continuously from generation to generation.


Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture, Educational Program, Ancient Poetry, Traditional Virtues, Celebrity Historical Deeds