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The Application and Effect Evaluation of Informational Teaching Method for Public Basic Courses in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.214


Ru Zhang

Corresponding Author

Ru Zhang


In recent years, the teaching reform has gradually deepened, in which the public basic courses have been gradually changed in the process of education and teaching in higher vocational colleges. Network education has been spread in higher vocational colleges, network teaching has been deepening, in higher vocational colleges, the traditional teaching methods are no longer applicable to the current higher vocational students, information technology has the characteristics of diversity, diversity and so on, which is conducive to the cultivation of students'comprehensive quality. Therefore, this paper mainly discusses how to reform the public basic courses under the information teaching environment, change the previous teaching structure and mode, and improve the classroom efficiency of the public basic courses in higher vocational colleges.


Higher Vocational Colleges, Public Basic Courses, Information Teaching, Effect Evaluation