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Study on the Teaching Mode of Cooperative Learning in Table Tennis Teaching in Colleges and Universities Based on Understanding the Teaching Method

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.204


Ke Zhang

Corresponding Author

Ke Zhang


Table tennis, as the national ball of our country, is also different from other ball sports. Because the distance between the two sides of the sport is short and the table tennis itself moves faster, the tactical warfare method softened will also be different. This is also undoubtedly a lot of difficulty in the development of teaching work. As far as the teaching of table tennis in colleges and universities is concerned, the effective development of relevant courses can help to improve the participants' ability to react and discern, which has an important positive impact on students' physical and mental development. At the same time, in view of the high status of table tennis in our society, it is of great practical significance to strengthen the development of table tennis at the university level. This paper starts with the current situation and problems of the teaching of table tennis options in colleges and universities, and analyzes how to adopt effective teaching strategies to carry out the elective courses of table tennis in colleges and universities, hoping to be beneficial to the efficient development of table tennis electivecourse courses in colleges and universities.


Comprehension Teaching Method, College Table Tennis Teaching, Cooperative Learning