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A Study on Multi-interactive Teaching Model of College English in Information Technology Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.203


Chen Lili

Corresponding Author

Chen Lili


In classroom teaching, the application of teaching mode plays a decisive role in the effect of classroom teaching. Under the background of the development of modern society, with the continuous reform and deepening of education and teaching, information technology has been widely used in the field of education gradually, among which the multi-interactive teaching mode is one of the new teaching methods carried out with the help of information technology. Applying this teaching mode in the process of college English teaching can promote the transformation of teacher-student relationship in classroom teaching, narrow the distance between teachers and students, create a good teacher-student relationship, promote the improvement of English classroom teaching quality, effectively optimize the college English classroom teaching, lay a good foundation for the improvement of English language use ability, and realize the full application of multi-interactive teaching mode.


Information Technology Environment, College English, Multi-interactivity, Teaching Model