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Study on the Development Strategy of Preschool Education in Rural Areas of Shaanxi Province from the Perspective of Education Fairness

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.200


Qian Haijuan

Corresponding Author

Qian Haijuan


The effect of preschool education has a very important positive effect on children's growth. In contrast, there are many differences between rural and urban areas in preschool education, especially in the number of kindergartens, teachers, investment funds and other levels, rural and urban areas have a certain gap in preschool education, which leads to differences in the development of preschool education in rural areas in China. In the perspective of education equity, according to the current situation of preschool education development in rural areas, differences and other implementation of specific analysis, seek its reasons, put forward some strategies to promote the fair and orderly development of rural preschool education.


Fair Vision, Rural Areas Areas, Pre-School Education, Development Issues, Optimization Strategies