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Research on Innovation and Reconstruction of Aerobics Teaching Materials in Colleges and Universities Based on Information Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.197


Wei Yang, Zixin Ma, Xin Feng, Meng Wang

Corresponding Author

Wei Yang


Aerobics in colleges and universities are deeply loved and welcomed by the public, because aerobics combines sports, dance and music. It not only has beautiful movements and smooth rhythm, but also can enhance people's self-confidence in the process of practice. Aerobics is relatively difficult to start with and has an obvious effect on the coordination and flexibility of college students. Therefore, it is widely used as a form of physical exercise for college students. The innovation of teaching materials has become an important topic in the education and teaching of colleges and universities. As an important part of physical education in Colleges and universities, aerobics curriculum is loved and concerned by teachers and students, especially female students. Based on the information theory, this paper analyzes the main problems in the actual development of College Aerobics, and puts forward the innovation and reconstruction strategies of College Aerobics teaching materials, in order to better promote the innovation and development of College Aerobics Teaching.


Aerobics, Teaching Materials, Innovation