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A Study on the Cultivation of College Students'Cultural Confidence from the Perspective of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.196


Xueqiu Wen

Corresponding Author

Xueqiu Wen


College students are national reserve talents, and their cultural literacy, professional ability and moral level are related to the future development of the country. Cultivating college students' cultural self-confidence can make them understand the national culture correctly, adhere to their personal values and strengthen their traditional cultural cognition. In cultivating college students' cultural self-confidence, college students should base themselves on the excellent Chinese traditional culture, let the contemporary college students have a deeper understanding of the traditional culture, and avoid losing their heart under the impact of the mixed culture in the west. Based on the perspective of Chinese excellent culture, this paper will analyze the four aspects of cultural self-confidence overview, cultivation value, cultivation problem and implementation method, in order to promote the development of college students' cultural self-confidence cultivation.


College Students, Cultural Self-Confidence, Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture, Cultural Cultivation