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A Study on the Intension and Mechanism of the Integration of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture into the Education of Lide in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.195


Xueqiu Wen

Corresponding Author

Xueqiu Wen


Only by cultivating high-quality talents can Li de build up people to meet the needs of social talents. It is not only needed by the society and the country, but also helpful for the future development of college students. At present, there are still many problems in the process of developing Li de education in colleges and universities, such as the lack of educational material and the lag of educational methods, which restrict the role of Li de education in colleges and universities. Colleges and universities integrate Chinese excellent traditional culture into it, which can enrich the content of education, strengthen its persuasion and carry forward the traditional Chinese moral culture. Therefore, the article will carry on the comprehensive analysis from the connotation new interpretation and the mechanism research two aspects, aims to promote our country university Li de education development.


Moral Education in Colleges and Universities