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Study on the Optimal Path of Education Management in the Big Data Age

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.191


Zhao Jinfeng

Corresponding Author

Zhao Jinfeng


In recent years, the development of electronic information technology in China has made great progress in information technology, which means that the data can be better used through the Internet and computer, and the big data technology that emerges as the times require is more and more mature, the use of big data is very extensive, with the continuous development of the economy driving the continuous progress of the relevant science and technology industry, big data is gradually organically combined with the teaching mode of our country, the traditional education work of our country now faces some more or less problems, if we want to get better results in the process of education management, we need to seize the opportunity. The traditional teaching management mode is difficult to adapt to the changing students if the management is closely combined with the big data. In the big data era, it is necessary to combine the education with the data. In order to manage the education better, a perfect system is essential, and the whole framework of the education system and management system is supported by the big data. The use of big data can make the students' specific situation and the whole situation more intuitive to the managers. This allows relevant managers to make better decisions, making education management progressive rather than static. Big data feedback makes education management the best, enabling educators and students to better teach and learn in accordance with the development of the times, which is the only way for teachers to achieve high-level management, and is also the key for students to improve their comprehensive literacy.


Big Data, Information Age, Management Work, Optimization Path, Acting Skills