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Construction and Analysis of English Learning Model Based on Classroom Network Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.189


Tang Fenghua

Corresponding Author

Tang Fenghua


With the continuous development of modern network technology, network classroom has been gradually applied in the process of teaching tasks, especially in the teaching of English subjects, the construction and development of classroom network environment learning model is essential, and the use of network environment to actively construct intelligent classroom has a multiplier effect on English classroom teaching efficiency. Based on the linguistics, language theory and educational technology in the process of English teaching, this paper analyzes the current situation of English learning model construction in the current network environment, and tries to analyze the Web-Based FL learning model to explore how to improve the efficiency and quality of English learning model construction under the background of classroom network environment, and puts forward some suggestions and suggestions for relevant scholars.


Classroom Network Environment, English Learning, Model Building