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Opportunities and Challenges for China-Germany Cooperation to Cultivate Applied Talents

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.182


Gu Ying, Yang Kun

Corresponding Author

Yang Kun


In recent years, with the continuous application of "Internet +", it has changed every aspect of our national life, and some traditional industries have also changed with the Internet. Under the influence of new new conditions, higher education needs to cultivate more applied talents constantly. Because of the lack of experience in our country, the outstanding achievements of Germany in this field, coupled with the friendly relations between the two countries, ushered in a great opportunity for the joint cultivation of applied talents in the history of the two countries. Therefore, on the basis of deeply understanding the German applied talents training model and the current background of our country, this paper deeply analyzes the opportunities and challenges of "Internet+" cooperation in training applied talents in Germany.


Internet+, Sino-German Cooperation, Applied Talents, Opportunities, Challenges