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Ecologicalization of Physics Education and Its Enlightenment to Physics Curriculum Reform

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.179


Xinxin Wan

Corresponding Author

Xinxin Wan


Physics education refers to an important part of middle school and university education all over the world. With the development of new curriculum reform, the ecology of physics education has been gradually applied. The ecologicalization of physical education refers to the flexible grasp of the knowledge we have learned in peacetime and the application of it to life. The main purpose of our study of physical knowledge is to use physical knowledge to explain various phenomena in life, and to use physical knowledge to analyze the causes of various problems, so as to find out the ways and measures to solve the problems. In the process of teaching can give full play to students' subjective initiative, stimulate students' creative thinking, improve students' comprehensive quality.


Ecology of Physics Education, Physics Curriculum, Reform, Enlightenment