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New Talent Training for E-commerce From the Perspective of School-Enterprise Cooperative Entrepreneurship

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.170


Jiarui Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jiarui Zhang


Under the background of school-enterprise cooperation, the main goal of successful employment is to integrate the educational resources in an all-round way. First of all, we should innovate teaching methods and focus on improving the ability of entrepreneurial learning practice. Cultivating talents with innovative entrepreneurial thinking has become the main means to improve teaching methods in higher education. According to statistics, this year's college graduates refreshed the history record again in 2020, up 400,000 from previous years, up from 8.74 million. Yet job growth is far less than the number of graduates. In the face of the current severe employment situation, all kinds of colleges and universities actively guide students to innovate their own employment. Adhere to strengthen entrepreneurship education as the main, optimize the policy as a supplement, in the future in self-employment to achieve significant results. Through the practice of e-commerce entrepreneurship, cultivate more innovative talents.


E-Commerce Platform, Innovative Entrepreneurship Education, Competition