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Basis and Path of Adding Red Gene to Ideological and Political Education

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.163


Hanchang Huang

Corresponding Author

Hanchang Huang


To establish a person first to establish virtue. Teachers who understand education should pay attention to carry out good moral education and make students become a capital person. Therefore, teachers should understand the importance of ideological and political education and put ideological and political education in an important teaching position. At the same time, teachers should also make students understand the history and reality of their own nation, and promote the development and progress of their own nation and the core force. Only in this way can students become a clear-headed and firm-eyed person. The Communist Party of China is the vanguard of the Chinese nation and the ruling party leading everything. Teachers in the process of ideological and political education, especially to inject the red gene into it.


Education System, Ideology and Politics, Education Method, Red Gene, Teaching Effect