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New Teaching Mode in Big Data Era: Knowledge Teaching and Internalization Complementary Fusion

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.162


Desheng Huang

Corresponding Author

Desheng Huang


With the continuous development of information technology, the emergence of big data has brought a positive effect on different industries. In particular, the education work of our country, based on the big data to carry on the education work to the student, the knowledge imparting and the internalization complementary fusion, is the inevitable result of the times development, the student in the study period formal thinking ability formation critical period, this period education work is very important, not only must pay attention to the student's cultivation and the development, but also must take into account the student's logical thinking ability cultivation. Through this stage of study and life, teachers can use the teaching mode of the big data era to cultivate students' thinking ability, let students think from the core of the problem, improve the quality of teaching, and stimulate students' desire to learn mathematics independently.


Big Data Era, Knowledge Transfer, Internalization and Complementarity