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On the Emotional Education Function of English Literature in College English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.161


Lifen Ma

Corresponding Author

Lifen Ma


English literature course is part of the humanities development course, in order to further promote the teaching of college English, it can play an emotional education for the learners. In the process of college English teaching, teachers should be able to choose the appropriate text for teaching, which cannot only help students improve their ability in language perception, stimulate their interest in learning English, but also enrich learners'inner feelings and improve their cultural literacy and aesthetic taste. Therefore, as an English teacher, we should be able to give full play to the emotion contained in English literature, carry out the education of humanities and emotion, guide the students to understand the profound philosophy contained in these works, and realize the characteristics of English culture and the blending with eastern thought. After all, teaching is a cognitive process and also an emotional process, so emotion is also very important in teaching, to be able to play the role of emotional teaching according to the actual situation of college English teaching. This paper briefly discusses the affective education function of English literature in college English teaching.


College English Teaching, English Literature Class, Emotional Education Function