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Thoughts on the Teaching of Landscape Sketch in Fine Arts and Oil Painting

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.158


Yi Lei

Corresponding Author

Yi Lei


If art teachers want to carry out a good course, they must first make all the students feel the inherent characteristics of art as an art, at the same time, they should also make students feel the bath of art for personality. When students improve themselves from inside to outside, they will certainly make great progress and promotion in the world of art learning. When guiding students to complete the study of oil painting scenery, art teachers need to actively lead students to participate in outdoor sketching, cultivate students' feelings for nature, and make students activate their own imagination and creativity. Art teachers should also build a complete teaching system for students when guiding students to complete painting of oil painting scenery.


Art Education, Oil Painting, Landscape Painting, Teaching Methods, Thinking and Analysis