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Research on the Target Orientation and The Structure of Knowledge, Ability and Quality of Applied Talents Training

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.153


Ruhai Fei

Corresponding Author

Ruhai Fei


Applied talent training is the general pursuit of colleges and universities at present, so the applied undergraduate colleges and universities are based on the idea of running a school and the orientation of running a school. In this set of models, the basic goal of applied talent training is locked, and the socialized orientation of talent training mode around the structure of talent knowledge, ability and quality has been gradually formed. This paper briefly analyzes the essence and characteristics of applied undergraduate education based on applied talents training, puts forward a clear target orientation of applied talents training, and finally clarifies the knowledge, ability and quality structure of applied talents.


Applied Talents, College Education and Training, Goal Orientation, Knowledge Ability, Quality Structure