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Behavior Observation and Strategy Research on Autonomous Play Pattern in Children's Game Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.151


Yan Cheng, Dongxian Yang

Corresponding Author

Yan Cheng


In primary school teaching, game teaching has always been one of the efficient teaching methods. The game teaching accords with the psychological characteristics and learning mentality of the students in early childhood, and can also observe the students' game behavior. And through these behavior observation, the teacher can have a more comprehensive understanding of the students, correctly grasp the students' learning progress and learning difficulty, and improve the teaching level. This paper will discuss the topic of "behavior observation and strategy research of autonomous game mode in children's game teaching ", and point out various problems in teaching activities in order to promote the further development of game teaching.


Young Children, Game Teaching, Autonomous Game Mode, Behavior Observation, Strategy Research