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Research on the Model, Problems and Countermeasures of College Students'Entrepreneurial Practice Education

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.149


Bin Wang

Corresponding Author

Bin Wang


Popularizing the mode of entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities can further strengthen the innovation spirit and will of college students, improve the comprehensive accomplishment of college students, and strengthen their ability of employment competition. Many typical modes of entrepreneurship practice education have been found out in colleges and universities in our country for many years, but there are still some problems such as limited coverage of entrepreneurial practice activities, formalization of entrepreneurial practice activities, imperfect supporting facilities for entrepreneurship, lack of professional support and insufficient platform for entrepreneurial practice. We can integrate the system of entrepreneurship practice education in colleges and universities by optimizing the teaching of entrepreneurship, increasing the support of the mode, opening up the talent training base, determining the orientation of entrepreneurship practice education, and strengthening the construction of entrepreneurial talent training team.


Colleges and Universities, Entrepreneurial Practice, Model, Problems, Optimization Countermeasures