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The Far-Reaching Significance of Improving the Cultural Literacy of Dance Teachers in Colleges and Universities to Dance Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.141


Hong Jiang

Corresponding Author

Hong Jiang


Dance is an important content in the practice of college education, and good teaching quality of dance has a very positive effect on improving students'artistic accomplishment and cultivating students' sentiment. In the process of students learning dance, teachers play a role that cannot be ignored, if separated from the guidance and help of teachers, students'dance learning will face more problems, which is very unfavorable to students'dance learning and the development of dance education in colleges and universities. On the basis of deeply analyzing the characteristics of dance teaching in colleges and universities, this paper expounds in detail the profound significance of improving the cultural literacy of dance teachers in colleges and universities to dance teaching.


University, Dance Teachers, Cultural Literacy, Dance Teaching, Far-reaching Significance