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Optimization and Practice Exploration of Basketball Teaching and Training System

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.139


Weixiang He

Corresponding Author

Weixiang He


In today's era, basketball can be said to be a very popular sport for young people, and with the development of basketball events, basketball has gradually become a very popular application in the field of sports, which has been widely concerned by people. In the school basketball teaching, mainly cultivates the student in the basketball aspect skill and the skill, therefore to the basketball teaching establishment must carry on the effective link with the curriculum reform, thus promotes the education cause reform better, also enhances the basketball sports teaching quality. This paper mainly analyzes the optimization and practice of basketball teaching and training system, expounds the significance of basketball teaching, discusses some shortcomings in the current basketball teaching and training system, and puts forward specific optimization countermeasures, hoping to play some reference role for relevant educators.


Basketball Sports Teaching, Training System, Optimizing Countermeasures