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Experimental Study on Overcoming Language Rigidity in Second Language Acquisition

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.134


Jianzhen Yin, Sicong Wu

Corresponding Author

Jianzhen Yin


At present, there is a serious phenomenon of language rigidity in second language acquisition teaching in colleges and universities, which is because students cannot get rid of the habit of mother tongue output, put more easily into English learning environment and use English flexibly. Therefore, this paper takes the college students as the background to carry out a semester experiment, for their basic english course to carry out the experimental research, mainly adopts the pre-test method, cooperates with the english text translation practice to launch the experiment process, and obtains the experiment result, discovers the effective way to overcome the language rigidity phenomenon in the second language acquisition.


Second Language Acquisition, Language Rigidity, Pre-Test Method, English Text Translation Exercises