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Research on College English Teaching Based on Flipping Classroom Model

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.128


Guotao Mo

Corresponding Author

Guotao Mo


In the current social background, the economy is constantly developing, the society is also making progress, and the demand for the current talent is getting higher and higher. University is the main position of talent training, and university education is of great significance to the current talent training. And English is one of the basic skills that contemporary talents must master, and from the present college English teaching, it cannot completely meet the standard of social demand for talent training, among which there are related problems, which affect the improvement of college English teaching quality. After analyzing the present situation of college English teaching, this paper puts forward some relevant teaching countermeasures to the mode of flipping classroom, hoping to promote the development of college English teaching.


Flipping Class, College English Teaching, Research