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Research on Hot Spot and Policy Adaptability of Chongqing Higher Vocational Education Reform

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.121


Yurao Yan

Corresponding Author

Yurao Yan


China has entered a new era, and higher vocational education has become one of the army of educational reform. Social progress and rapid economic development, our country’s higher vocational education training professionals have made a great contribution to the society, this paper mainly analyzes the reform upsurge, the main research hot issues of higher vocational education, so as to build an open vocational education system, cultivate students’ practical innovation ability, as well as the national and local policies and development planning, how to set up a suitable professional to promote the development of the real economy, improve the teaching staff to meet the needs of society.


Higher Vocational Education, Reform Hotspot, Policy Adaptation