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A Study on Promoting the Cultural Confidence of College Students from the Perspective of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.119


Ning Yu, Mengyao Zhao, Zhi Du, Ying Yang

Corresponding Author

Ning Yu


Cultural self-confidence is a nation's sense of belonging and identity to its own culture, and it is the affirmation and approval of its own culture. The Chinese nation has a long history and profound cultural heritage. China has always focused on cultural construction and cultural development, and on strengthening the cultural self-confidence and cultural identity of the nation. In recent years, colleges and universities have been paying attention to strengthening the cultural self-confidence of college students and paying attention to the cultural construction of college students. How to carry out cultural construction work efficiently, how to promote college students' cultural self-confidence, how to inculcate students' cultural self-confidence in ideological and political education courses in colleges and universities, how to cultivate college students' cultural identity, how to strengthen the work of cultural self-confidence construction and how to fully understand students' ideological trends are all problems that need to be paid attention to by college educators. This paper makes a brief analysis of the current situation of college students' cultural self-confidence cognition, and hopes to strengthen the students' cultural self-confidence and promote the cultural and ideological construction work effectively.


University, Ideological and Political Education, College Students, Cultural Self-Confidence, Promotion