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Research on the Psychological Mechanism of Value Guidance and Identity of Contemporary College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.114


Kehui Wang, Chengyu Wei

Corresponding Author

Kehui Wang


With the continuous improvement of social development and market economy, the demand for talents of social construction and market economy construction is increasing, college students are the important carrier of future economic promotion, social harmonious and stable development and cultural inheritance, the quality and ability of college students are also the basis of national construction and national strength enhancement, and the value embodiment of college students themselves. If college students want to realize their own value, they must embody their own ability in the actual work and development. It is a fundamental way to improve the construction level of our country to help students to carry out socialist core value identity, moral concept identity and core accomplishment identity education through the education of college students under the guidance of value.


Contemporary College Students Value leading, The Psychological Mechanism of Identity