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A Probe into the Reform of Practical Teaching Mode of Computer Majors in Colleges and Universities under the Direction of Engineering Certification

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.110


Sulan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Sulan Zhang


Engineering education subject certification refers to the specialized certification of engineering professional education carried out by professional certification institutions for higher education institutions, which is carried out by specialized vocational or trade associations (federations) and professional societies together with education experts in this field and related industry enterprise experts. On the one hand, engineering certification is the affirmation of teaching work in colleges and universities, on the other hand, it brings great challenges to colleges and universities. In the face of policy affirmation, colleges and universities need to continuously improve teaching quality. Because of the particularity of computer science, colleges and universities should pay special attention to the quality of practical teaching, constantly change the mode of practical teaching, and create comprehensive and high-quality computer talents.


Engineering Certification, Practical Teaching, Practical Homework, Teacher Guidance