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Research on the Construction Path of High Level Teachers in Applied Undergraduate Colleges from the Perspective of Cooperative Innovation

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.105


Jielong Zhou, Yan Cheng

Corresponding Author

Jielong Zhou


From the perspective of collaborative innovation, it has become a fundamental way to promote the healthy and sustainable development of colleges and universities. As we all know, the applied undergraduate college is the base camp for cultivating the applied high-quality talents, and it is an important representative of the education standard of our country's colleges and universities, so the establishment of the high-level teaching staff will provide a powerful help for the cultivation of talents and the development of education in our country. At present, many university teaching and research staff are exploring the ways and means to build a high-level teaching staff, and have achieved a lot of research results. According to these research results, this paper will make the following analysis, hoping to provide practical teaching plan for the development of applied undergraduate colleges.


Collaborative Innovation, Applied Undergraduate Colleges, High-Level Faculty, Construction Path