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A Study on the Construction of "Craftsman Spirit" into the Long-Term Mechanism of Voluntary Service for College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.099


Jiashu Peng

Corresponding Author

Jiashu Peng


Voluntary service is an effective way to promote the growth of college students and exercise their comprehensive quality. at the same time, good voluntary service can also create more opportunities for college students to contact the society and improve their sense of social value and mission, so college students’ voluntary activities need to last for a long time. But in this process, in order to ensure good voluntary service effect, good service mechanism construction is also an essential key content. On the basis of analyzing the characteristics of college students’ voluntary service, this paper expounds in detail the effective way for the integration of "craftsman spirit" into the long-term mechanism of college students’ voluntary service.


Craftsman Spirit, College Students, Volunteer Service, Long-Term Mechanism, Construct Countermeasure