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Study on Evaluation Indexes of University Library Service Ability Based on Learning Demand

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.095


Fuqing Zheng, Xuexia Cai

Corresponding Author

Fuqing Zheng


With the development of the new curriculum reform, optimizing the evaluation index of service ability in university library management has become the fundamental way for university librarians to optimize the allocation of school education resources and enhance the library service ability. As we all know, the modern university library management must take the student's demand as the basic direction, the optimization service ability appraisal index will effectively enhance the library's position in the student's mind. At present, many university librarians are exploring the ways and means to optimize the evaluation index of service ability, and many research results have been obtained. This paper will make the following analysis according to these research results, hoping to provide practical evaluation scheme for the university librarians.


Learning Needs, Optimization Orientation, University Library Service Capacity, Evaluation Index, Optimization Strategy