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Study on the Investment System of China's Preschool Education in the New Economic Period

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.094


Xiaohong Zhu

Corresponding Author

Xiaohong Zhu


From the current situation of preschool education, there are still some problems, mainly because the investment system is not perfect. To ensure that all young children enjoy a fair education, we must proceed from China's national conditions to improve the investment system. Since pre-school education is mainly undertaken by the local government, the state can increase the financial support from the policy to the pre-school education in the underdeveloped areas, and in the areas with good economic development, the young children can enjoy free education, which can guarantee the right of all young children to receive education. This thesis focuses on the investment system of preschool education in China in the new economic period.


New Economic Period, China, Preschool Education, Investment System