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The Value Dimension and Implementation Path of English literature in College English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.088


Jinmei Ye

Corresponding Author

Jinmei Ye


The process of education reform is advancing constantly. It is an important task for higher education to conform to the development form of higher education and further deepen the reform of higher education. Higher education requires higher education quality to cultivate talents needed by the development of the country and society. In College English teaching, for non-English majors, English learning should have higher requirements. In the study of College English literature, it can improve students' cultural literacy and comprehensive quality ability, which has a strong role in promoting students' all-round development. Therefore, this paper analyzes the value dimension of College English literature and the implementation path of teaching, hoping to put forward some suggestions for the teaching of College English literature..


College English Teaching, English Literature, Value Dimension