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Based on Applied Talent Training Practical Teaching of Law Majors in Colleges and Universities Reform

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.081


Wen Yuan, Wenyi Zhu

Corresponding Author

Wen Yuan


At present, with the rapid development of economy and science and technology in our country, the demands of the society on it are increasing day by day, for example, in the aspect of talents, the demand of the country for applied talents is increasing, but the current level of education reform in our country has not yet met its requirements. Nowadays, our country is a socialist society under the rule of law, in this context, the training of law professionals is more strict. In order to cultivate applied legal talents, colleges and universities need to change their training mode and take practical teaching as the development direction of law major teaching. However, the present practice teaching is not optimistic. Based on this, this paper analyzes the present situation of law practice teaching, and puts forward the reform measures of law professional practice teaching in colleges and universities based on the background of training applied talents.


Applied Talents, Talent Training, Law Major, Practical Teaching