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Intelligent Logistics Construction and the Promotion of Teachers and Students' Sense of Acquisition

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.076


Xiubin Chen, Juan Lu, Tianjiao Dai

Corresponding Author

Xiubin Chen


Colleges and universities as an important position for training professionals in various fields are also an important part of our education system. At the present stage, with the continuous expansion of college enrollment and the popularization of higher education, it also makes the number of college students begin to increase. This not only brings some improvement to the teaching pressure of college teachers, but also puts forward higher requirements for the work of college logistics service personnel. The concept of logistics management in traditional colleges and universities is too old, although the team is very large but lack of comprehensive quality, so it can not provide more quality service for teachers and students in colleges and universities. And with the continuous development of science and technology, the management mode and service concept of university logistics are also changing, thus giving birth to wisdom. Nowadays, the development of intelligent logistics in colleges and universities is still in the primary stage, and there are still some questions in the concrete operation. This paper mainly analyzes the meaning of the intelligent logistics and the problems existing in the construction process, introduces the important role of the intelligent logistics construction for the promotion of the sense of acquisition of teachers and students in private colleges and universities, and puts forward the concrete construction countermeasures, hoping to play some reference role for the relevant staff of colleges and universities..


Intelligent Logistics, University, Service Education