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A New Path to the Development of Higher Vocational Education in Navigation from the Perspective of Precision Poverty Alleviation

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.075


Yana Guo, Zhenguo Ding

Corresponding Author

Yana Guo


With the development of society and economic level and the progress of science and technology, the maritime industry of our country has been told the development, and the internationalization level of navigation education promoted by economic globalization also provides an excellent opportunity for the development of navigation education in our country. The rapid progress of the shipping market is closely related to the national policy and higher vocational education of navigation. The scale of navigation education in our country is expanding continuously under the impetus of these favorable factors. Under this background, the development of navigation vocational education also needs to carry on the positive innovation unceasingly, earnestly enhances the teaching quality and the new pattern construction. In order to provide sufficient support for the steady promotion of China's navigation cause..


Targeted Poverty Alleviation, Maritime Higher Vocational Education and New Development Path