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The Change and Improvement of Learning Environment and Teaching Present Situation under the Trend of Wisdom Education

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.074


Weifeng Yan, Yinxin Zhou

Corresponding Author

Weifeng Yan


With the continuous development of the new curriculum reform, it has become a fundamental way for university teachers to cultivate students' learning ability and core accomplishment in university teaching. As we all know, university teaching belongs to higher education, creating intelligent education environment will effectively show the unique educational resources and strength of the university, and more can show the level of education and teaching in our country. At present, many university teachers are exploring the ways and means to create the intelligent education environment, and have already obtained many research results. This paper will make the following analysis according to these research results, hoping to provide practical teaching plan for the university teachers.


Wisdom Education, Learning Environment, Teaching Status, Change and Improvement