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Research on Teaching Optimization of Physical Education and Training Based on Interdisciplinary

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.066


Li Yue

Corresponding Author

Li Yue


In the development of physical education in our country, physical education and training is the earliest specialized subject. The traditional physical education and training science has the following problems: convergence of research methods, narrow research perspective, rigid research content, closed research organization, etc. The introduction of interdisciplinary theory is an important choice to adapt to the development of society and market, which can better broaden the vision of sports scholars and improve the overall scientific research level and practical innovation ability of sports education and training in China. In this paper, the author hopes to study the way to optimize the discipline of physical education and training through the analysis of the theory of interdisciplinary, so as to promote the integration and coexistence of the structure of physical education and training. In the future physical education teaching, physical education and training should meet the needs of the times, adhere to the healthy and sustainable development strategy, carry out physical education reform, and constantly improve the physical education teaching system.


Physical Education and Training, Interdisciplinary, Optimization