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Research on the Integration Strategy of Accounting Majors in Colleges and Universities under the Background of Internet Cloud Finance

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.064


Zhang Xunge

Corresponding Author

Zhang Xunge


Under the background of internet cloud finance, the economy of our country has ushered in the rapid development, has brought the influence which can not be ignored to the accounting profession and the education field, the education idea of the integration of production and education should also be born. The integration of production and teaching is a new way to train talents in colleges and universities in recent years. For accounting majors, the integration of high-efficiency production and teaching can quickly realize the cooperation between colleges and enterprises, improve the quality of talent training in colleges and universities, and have an important influence on the education and enterprises in colleges and universities. After a period of exploration, our school gradually built a practical training platform for accounting majors to lay a solid foundation for talent training and innovation. The following will focus on the current Internet cloud financial background accounting professional integration of industry and education policy.


Internet, Cloud Financial Background, University Education, Accounting Major, Integration of Industry and Education