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A Study on the Promotion Strategies of Students'Inquiring Activities Based on Character Color Classroom

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.062


Yuan Zhenping

Corresponding Author

Yuan Zhenping


With the deepening of the new curriculum reform in the field of education in our country, teachers should renew and change the traditional teaching methods in the course of teaching, pay attention to the creation of character color classroom, take improving the efficiency of classroom teaching as the core of teaching, take "people-oriented" as the teaching idea, integrate character color characteristics into classroom teaching activities in classroom teaching, fully arouse students' enthusiasm for classroom teaching, and effectively accord with the teaching idea of quality education. Because the students in the class have different personality colors, there will be different learning performance in the process of classroom teaching, and teachers use the four colors of red, blue, yellow and green to represent the students' different personalities and carry out the corresponding teaching activities.


Character Color, Classroom Teaching Inquiry Activity, Promotion Strategy