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Research on the Application of Information Technology in Physical Education and Training

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.057


Peng Gao

Corresponding Author

Peng Gao


Information technology plays an important role in physical education and training, which can effectively promote the improvement of students' sports ability. The application of information technology has made outstanding contributions to improving the quality of physical education and training in colleges and universities and promoting students' mastery of sports skills. Information technology is applied more and more widely in the diagnosis and technical analysis of sports training technology, and its position is becoming more and more important, because information technology makes the diagnosis and analysis of sports technology more accurate, and is more conducive to improving the performance of sports training. Information technology plays a guiding and safeguarding role in the process of physical education teaching and training. The extensive application of information technology makes the effect of physical education teaching and training more standardized and effective. This paper analyzes the application of computer technology in physical education and training, expounds the influence of computer information technology on physical education and training from different angles, and puts forward effective countermeasures.


Information Technology, Physical Education and Training, Training Effect