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Research on the Competitive Ability of Excellent Aerobics Athletes Based on Resource Learning

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.054


Xiaohui Rong

Corresponding Author

Xiaohui Rong


Competitive aerobics is a beautiful sport, showing the perfect combination of strength and beauty. If athletes want to achieve good results and achieve the best performance of strength and beauty, it depends on the performance of athletes. Aerobics expressive force refers to the ability of athletes to express the emotion given by music with expressions, body shapes, postures and body techniques, and is infectious. Expressiveness is by no means a single scoring factor, enough to attract the attention of aerobics coaches and teachers, and to strengthen the training of athletes' expressiveness in aerobics training and teaching. The rapid development of modern information technology, especially the integration of network and campus network, has opened up a new way to obtain resources for school physical education, greatly enriching the teaching resources. Through the construction of resource-based learning network assisted teaching and traditional classroom teaching combined with innovative teaching mode, it is conducive to the effective improvement of Aerobics Athletes' performance.


Aerobics, Expressiveness, Resource Learning