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Evaluation and Analysis of Improvement Methods of Physical Education in Colleges and Universities Based on Modern Information Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.052


Bo Zhang

Corresponding Author

Bo Zhang


With the quality of education without breaking push wide, each high school more and more attention Education, music and other arts courses. In order to improve the physical quality of students in modern colleges and universities, the teaching quality of physical education courses must be given serious attention, on this point the teaching of physical education courses in modern colleges and universities is generally rough in the way and method, usually using a unified standard for students to train, ignoring the individual differences of students, while not conducive to students' interest in physical education learning, it can be seen that the quality of teaching is not as expected. In the current environment, how to strengthen the deep integration of modern information technology and college physical education is the focus of the next discussion.


Information Technology, College Physical Education, Teaching Evaluation