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Research on Educational Ecology of Basketball Teaching Activities in Colleges and Universities Based on Competition Scenarios

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.051


Baocong Sun

Corresponding Author

Baocong Sun


Basketball is an extremely important physical education course, which can not only enhance students' physique, but also cultivate students' teamwork ability. As one of the most important courses in colleges and universities, basketball teaching cannot be replaced by other items. Under the background of deepening education reform, ecological education concept is highly valued. Basketball teaching activities are rich and colorful. In order to promote the development of educational ecology in our country, we should coordinate the educational ecological environment and optimize the work. Teaching ecology includes natural ecological environment, social ecological environment and so on. Effectively integrating situational teaching method into basketball teaching will help to realize the value of basketball teaching course and improve the comprehensive quality of students. This paper takes the Basketball Classroom Teaching in Colleges and universities as an example, studies the education ecology based on the competition situation, analyzes the environment of the education ecology from the aspects of social ecology and natural ecology, and puts forward the improvement measures of the education ecology in Colleges and universities.


Basketball, Teaching Activities, Situational Teaching, Educational Ecology