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Research on Evaluation System of Physical Education Teaching in Colleges and Universities Based on Students' Physique Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.050


Gang Yin

Corresponding Author

Gang Yin


With the deepening of quality education reform in our country, physical education has gradually received the attention of major universities, and university administrators have begun to attach importance to physical education reform. As a place to improve students' knowledge level, universities should also improve students' physique. The establishment of an evaluation system with diverse contents and evaluation methods can ensure that the vast majority of students can better fulfill their learning objectives, so that each student can experience the fun of learning and success, and ensure that physical education training talents are in line with social needs and social development. Based on this, this paper makes a systematic study on the construction of college physical education evaluation system based on students' physique, expounds the theoretical basis of constructing an efficient physical education evaluation system, analyzes the components of the evaluation system, and gives the construction path of college physical education evaluation system.


Students' Physique, Physical Education in Colleges and Universities, Evaluation System