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Research on Mr Teaching Achievement Display Design

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2020.046


Hao Xiaohua, Wang Chuanxia

Corresponding Author

Hao Xiaohua


In recent years, the research on the teaching curriculum and the field of education in middle schools at home and abroad is insufficient, and the research results are poor. In China, the curriculum and guidance of middle school display design unit have not received enough attention. Display design is a comprehensive design category. Middle school students can improve their knowledge and technology in many ways by studying display design. The author has done a lot of research, including theoretical research, comparative research, investigation and empirical research. This survey explores the current situation of curriculum design guidance in middle school, as well as the formation of art teachers' knowledge and skills in display design. Based on the comparative study of Chinese and foreign art curriculum standards and Chinese and foreign display design curriculum, I learned valuable education methods and high-quality routes from abroad to support students in order to effectively improve the relevant knowledge and skills of middle school students.


Exhibition Design, Unit Course, Teaching Knowledge